The Benefits of Using VoIP Technology

VoIP technology (Voice over IP) is yet another tool to utilize in creating an ideal virtual office. You should opt for a VoIP system because it will also trim expenses, as well as make the most of technology. More and more businesses are implementing VoIP technology. That is because of its versatility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. ViOP allows you to bring your office phone system wherever you and your employees are. This means you will have a state-of-the-art business telecommunication system whether you are in your brick and mortar office or working remotely.

Versatility/Flexibility of VoIP Technology:

All modes of communication such as voice, fax, video, web conferencing, and emails can be utilized, using a single software application. Yep, fax is still used frequently in the financial and healthcare sectors. The ability of this application to convert voice into an email or fax into an email can bring a tremendous amount of efficiency to business operations.

When you use VoIP, your phone system is routed through your internet. Therefore, you no longer have to run, maintain, or pay for phone cables. You can even use an app to access your VoIP technology directly from your mobile device.

VoIP Technology Reduces Communication Costs:

There are many ways VoIP can lower communications cost. Thus, your revenue will be significantly enhanced. Here are some of the financial benefits of implementing VoIP technology.

1. Cost per phone call:

Making long distance or international phone calls using landlines or mobile phones can be very expensive. Charges incurred at per-minute rate can add up quickly. When you conduct business from multiple locations, VoIP applications allow you to make calls from PC to PC that are free if they are within the same network. That significantly eliminates long distance charges if two locations are hundreds of miles apart. You can also pay a low monthly flat fee and make an unlimited number of calls, including international calls.

2. Operational costs:

You don’t need separate networks for data and voice communications. Everything can be done using the data network. Specially designed phones with VoIP can be managed right from your computer.

3. Infrastructure cost:

With this technology your infrastructure cost is greatly reduced. For example, you have to pay more for the telephone extensions using traditional PBX and key systems. Using VoIP allows you to run those extensions right from your computers.

The future of telecommunication is here. Get in touch with us at 504-301-1094 so that we can bring you on board with VoIP technology.


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