Every business needs cybersecurity.

You protect your physical business by locking files, doors, and buildings. You probably have a security system, which may even be monitored with cameras and real-time video. You may even hire a security guard. You do this because there is “stuff” in your business that is valuable.

Your data is even more valuable. And criminals are keen to obtain it. They may want it for their own purposes, such as selling your information (or your clients’) on the black market. Or they may just want to hold it for ransom. Once your data security has been breached, it is very difficult to recover from it.

Cybersecurity offers protection from a variety of online threats. Cyber criminals are sophisticated. Your managed service provider must stay one step ahead. At Courant, we understand the threats. And we work proactively to minimize them by implementing cutting edge technologies to prevent an attack on your data.