Support Local Businesses: Roux Royale and Southern Paws

For those who can, it is urgently important to support local businesses. Today we’ll showcase our clients, Roux Royale and Southern Paws. Both shops are locally owned and are located in the French Quarter. Let’s do our part to make sure as many of these boutiques survive as possible.

As its website boasts,

Roux Royale, in the heart of the French Quarter, offers a variety of unique and useful items to enhance any kitchen, dining room, or party. Let us help you find the perfect gift by capturing the art of New Orleans style entertaining. You will find items such as elegant serving pieces, stylish dish towels, favorite New Orleans’ cookbooks, wine and cheese plates, gourmet foods and candies, fabulous aprons, local art, and much, much more.

We are especially drawn to the whimsical artwork. Subjects include everything from seafood, to fleur de lis, snoballs, local buildings, and so much more. Roux Royale truly stocks gifts for everyone in your life. And who doesn’t need a little bit of extra pampering these days? Yourself included.

After you’ve stocked up on snacks, colorful socks, and some cookbooks, hop, trot or walk over to Southern Paws for all of the treats Begnet and Tchopitoulas could ask for. Yes, we made up your pets’ names, bet we got it right for some of you! This locally owned pet boutique and offers a variety of gourmet treats, plush toys and beds, local merchandise, and gifts for pets and pet owners. We’re particularly smitten with the cat bandannas and bow ties! 

Take a look at the websites for Roux Royale and Southern Paws, and then either order online or give them a call. They ship nationwide (and are offering free shipping for orders over $50). Thank you for supporting local businesses!


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