Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. is now Courant!

You may remember that back in April we announced that we were rebranding. Well, we’re now officially Courant!

When Darrin Piotrowski founded Rent-A-Nerd, Inc. in 1997, his aim was to provide honest and reliable tech support to neighbors, friends, and family. At the time, he worked for a national chain that provided some IT support and he felt they weren’t doing a very good job. He knew that customers just wanted their technology to work. They didn’t need “tech talk” or overly complicated explanations.

As Piotrowski expanded to serving business clients, that same approach continued. His customers rave about his direct approach to technology solutions. And that is why Rent-A-Nerd continued to grow. In fact, it simply outgrew its name. Piotrowski was no longer supplying short term (“rent”) fixes. And he and his staff became more sophisticated (though still a bit nerdy). In time, his firm’s model shifted to B2B (business to business). With this change came the desire for a fresh new brand and logo.

Courant is the result, pronounced “current.” Courant is French for “current,” which is both a nod to our region’s heritage as well as the Mighty Mississippi. So, although our website is new, our commitment to our clients remains the same. Our core values remain consistent; we are knowledgeable, proactive, agile, ethical, accountable, and reliable. We promise to foster trust and peace of mind in our clients, vendors, and employees.

Contact us to discuss how we transform technologies into stronger human connections and secure networks for your business.


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