Financial Advice Amid COVID-19

In these uncertain times, access to financial advice is crucial. Randy Brunet, of Brunet Wealth Management, offers these top two tips:

1) Filing deadline for IRS and Louisiana income tax is moved to July 15, 2020.  No extension necessary until then.  If you are due a refund, file your return ASAP as to receive your refund sooner.

2) Small businesses may be entitled to an SBA loan to help funding payroll and other essential expenses.  Check with your bank for requirements, as this is what is recommended by SBA.

Many of us may put off filing our taxes because it is often an overwhelming process. Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind. You may also find that you receive a larger refund than if you had prepared your own return. And even if you are not owed a refund, the sooner you know your tax liability, the sooner you can budget for its payment (or file for an extension).

With regard to the SBA loans, since only a finite amount of resources are available, the sooner you put your business in line, the better. According to NPR:

Congress has appropriated $349 billion toward this program. That may not be enough to meet demand, but it is possible Congress will decide to put more funds toward this program.

Brunet’s firm offers professional advice on myriad financial topics, from investments to taxes. No client is too big or small. His personal mission, per his website is:

Whether you have significant assets to manage—or if you are just starting to accumulate wealth—we have the tools and background to provide the services that may fit your needs.

My personal goal is to provide you with guidance that can help you understand and better define your financial goals. I work hard to create a mutually beneficial and respected long-term relationship with my clients and their families.

We are very proud and pleased that Brunet Wealth Management is our client. When asked how he was doing, Brunet reported that he was easily working from home because of our Splashtop remote app. And although he is not seeing clients in person, he is in communication with his clients and simply utilizes email, mail, and other delivery methods for exchanging work product.

We should note that we are also pleased to be his client and recommend Brunet Wealth Management wholeheartedly. Should you need financial advice, Randy Brunet can be reached at 504-838-0227 or eltonfan@brunetwealth.com.


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